About a month and a half ago, I hopped in on a game jam run by IGDA Chicago in association with DePaul’s Junior Development Experience and Columbia’s AlphaLab called Retro Game Jam. The aim of the jam was to create a game that loosely fit within the constraints of an original Atari. This mainly dictated resolution and color palette.

I had a personal challenge within this jam: I did it entirely solo. This dictated the scope of the game, so I went with a simple tag game using a mechanic I have been tossing around in the context of a cheesy, story driven game about a son who wants to make his father proud by becoming a professional tag champ (that context was left out for this one unfortunately, but maybe I’ll drop that back in at another time!).

The game plays fairly simply. Player one and two must try to tag each other by getting close enough for the white circle to turn green, then hitting the tag button. The catch is, if they try to tag but are not close enough, they stun themselves and are open to attack. Players and juke each other out and end up winning pretty quickly. The first to three tags wins the game.

I had the opportunity to allow for the use of original Atari joysticks as input, which they were utilized for at BitBash Chicago in August!

Below is a full list of details about the game and a link to download for Windows!




Quit Game: Escape Key

Player 1:

Movement: WASD

Tag: Space Bar

Player 2:

Movement: Arrow Keys

Tag: Enter on Keypad


Engine: Unity

Sound: BFXR

Music: BeepBox

Pixel Shader: World of Zero

Color Limiter Shader: Color Quantization

Art (Title and UI): Pyxel Edit

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