I am a Game Design student studying at DePaul University, and Lab Manager of the Idea Realization Lab (Pictured in left photo). I spend my time managing a fantastic group of seven other students, where we foster a community of learning through making and encourage the collecting and dispersing of knowledge throughout the DePaul ecosystem.

I previously worked at Havas Sports & Entertainment in Atlanta as a client services and production intern, working with clients like Bethesda, Coca-Cola, Coke Esports, Delta and Paris-Saint Germain F.C. (Pictured in right photo, I am the one kneeling with the blue button down and jeans).

I moved to Chicago from Marietta, Georgia where I spent all of my life up til now. Chicago has become my home away from home, and I can’t be more thankful for the opportunities it has provided and the friendships I’ve gained.